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EPA - R22What is R22 Gas?

R22 Gas – previously the refrigerant of choice for heat pump and air-conditioning systems for over four decades.

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Why is it being phased out?

In 2010 a directive was issued to all EU member states against the use of R22 in new refrigerant based systems due to its Ozone Depleting Substance (according to the EPA).

As of January 1st 2015 an EU ban is in force banning all refrigerant repairs on equipment containing R22.

What are the chances that my building is effected?

If the air-conditioning in your building was installed before 2010 there is a likelihood that it uses R22 refrigerant, this will have serious implications for your air-conditioning system.

 How can I find out if we use R22 Refrigerant?

Call Sean or Seamus on (01) 643 2100 to arrange for a no obligation, no fee site visit to building owners in Dublin and surrounding areas.