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Gas flame

Servicing your boiler annually ensures that it continues to burn efficiently and  in line with the manufacturer’s performance design. In addition, there are a number of smart technologies available which can improve the burners efficiency and reduce the fuel usage by between 15% to  30%. These smart devices also provide useful web based diagnostics and reports, working comfortably on their own or alongside any installed Building Management System (BMS).

Normally when a burner ‘fires’  it first purges the gases and heat in the boiler before igniting the new fuel being supplied resulting in heat lost and additional electrical consumption. So usually a boiler will fire frequently and in short cycles to keep boiler temperature within a narrow range, wasting energy for no obvious changes to the building’s comfort levels.

These smart devices are normally fixed onto the boiler and calculate the optimum firing intervals and duration for desired comfort level based on the building fabric heat loss. In practical terms this produces fewer but longer burn periods and reduces the inefficiencies associated with frequent heat purges.

Funding and grant support for this type of technology and installation is available through SEAI and the Utility Suppliers, through the obligated parties scheme.

Depending on your boiler size, building fabric and fuel use, savings can be as high as 30% generating great return on any investment required.

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