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Cooling fanAre You Overheating?

Record high temperatures in Ireland are revealing the inadequacies of air conditioning systems throughout the country.  As the heat is set to continue, albeit with a bit less glorious sunshine it is worth understanding why cooling issues occur in air conditioned building.

The inadequacies can manifest in two ways:

  • Particular rooms overheating
  • Individuals within the same room may experience different temperatures

Incorrect Room Temperature

If a room is overheating it may because of the way your system is commissioned, solutions which Frontline can provide include:

  • Monitoring the amount of cool water sent to cooling units
  • Conducting a shade analysis to see whether the room would benefit from installation of UV window films, or other devices
  • Ensuring that A/C units are fully charged with refrigerant gas
  • Ensuring system balance to confirm that all parts of the system are receiving the designed flow
  • Conducting an analysis to determine whether an upgrade is necessary

Individuals Experiencing Temperature Extremes

If various individuals within a room are experiencing different temperatures this is most likely to do with an incorrect airflow distribution on the floor. This may be as a result of poor initial balancing, or a change in floor layout.

In order to rectify this, Frontline can install temperature loggers throughout the room in order to capture data, allowing us to customise an airflow solution. This can result in increased employee comfort and productivity.

If you are having issues with your temperature levels, give the Frontline technical team a call now on 1850 676 676, or email